We're on a mission to make real estate investing and house flipping easier for everyone.

Welcome to a better way to make money on your home sale or upgrade into the home of your dreams.

Moving can be stressful, and overwhelming. Homeowners may owe more than their home is worth and need to make some upgrades to sell it but not have money or time to do so on their own. Home Buyers may want to buy a house but it just isn't customized yet to their liking or needs an upgrade or repairs.

We started FlypHouse because we wanted to help homebuyers get into a home they love and help home sellers make more money selling their home with no out of pocket cost to them, quickly and easily.

FlypHouse is all about empowering home sellers and home buyers. We work hard to make sure you make more money on your home sale or get a home customized for you. And we give customers peace of mind with no out of pocket costs, a 200 point home inspection, a 1 year home warranty, and a profit guarantee.

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