We help sellers make more money on their sale by angel investing in remodels.

We help sellers make more money on their sale by angel investing in remodels.

Sell your home for way more


Getting your offer is quick and free

Full Service 24/7

Our local team of experts is available face to face, over the phone, email, & text message.

Make More Money

Maximize your earning potential with NO out of pocket cost to you. Thats right - we pay for the whole remodel.

Painless Process

Our team literally handles all of the heavy lifting & we back our work with a 300 point home inspection & 1 year home warranty

Guaranteed Profit

If you don't make more money on your home sale, you don't pay us a thing.

  • We handle the remodel so there are no headaches or contractors.
  • We do the investing so there is ZERO out of pocket cost to you.
  • Sell your home with LystHouse for 1% commission to net even more money.

When our powers combine - you win.

When our powers combine - you win.

When you flyp your home with FlypHouse, you also have the option of selling your home through LystHouse, a partner company providing technology enabled, full service real estate brokerage services for only 1% commission.

The outcome is amazing.

Sell faster to more potential buyers

We make your home standout above the crowd, and give buyers features they dont get anywhere else.

  • A 300 point inspection ensures buyers that the home is free of issues.
  • 1 Year warranty on the entire house including appliances.

A Painless Process

You don't need to worry about investing your own money or time in the remodel work. Our professional teams and angel investors handle the work, and the money. Just sit back and share in greater profits after we Flyp your House. It's one sweet flippin' deal!

Maximize your profit and make more when you sell.

Don't settle for less. Your wallet sure wont.

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