Terms and Conditions

Client satisfaction is our #1 priority!

We not only help you save thousands of dollars in commissions, we also strive to make your experience dealing with our company and our brokers as convenient and pleasant as possible. If you ever have a problem or complaint about one of our brokers, please let us know so we can help. If you are dissatisfied with your broker or whatever additional services he/she does or does not provide, we can normally assign another broker to you if your listing is not yet entered. After your listing is entered, it is very difficult to assign another broker because it will mean entering a new listing and canceling the old one.

Profit Gaurantee

We want to make you happy for your home sale and we're committed to making the remodel process as smooth as possible. If you do not make more money on your homesale as guaranteed in your official offer letter, you won't pay anything for the remodel. You heard that right! If your home sale doesn't net you more profit, you won't pay a thing for the remodel. That's our make more money guarantee.

We do our best to provide outstanding customer service to make our clients happy. If there is ever any problem, or if you feel we did not live up to your expectations, please call our toll-free number. 1-855-866-8339

Thank you.

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